Avalon Bar, Capodimonte

Some Italians I have noted have their favourite bar in their home town, and tend to frequent that bar mostly.  Others drift from one to another with no particular preference.  I would have to say that my husband and I have been to about three in our town, and I like some of them for various reasons.

The Avalon Bar is not located on the main street near the lake.  It is a bit off the beaten track, but like all bars there are the regulars there.

The bar is run by Elena and her mum helps her out as well.  Elena has had the bar for 9 years, and she is wanting to sell it and move on to something different.  Elena strikes me as a driven woman.  She loves serving her customers.  She is a qualified barista, the wall of her bar is full of her continuing development, taking courses to improve and better her service.  Plus she has also done some physical trainer courses.



When I am not having a cappuccino, caffè  macchiato is my caffeine beverage of choice.

Elena and her mum make heavenly cakes.



The picture above is Elena’s cheesecake.





This is Elena’s mum, who got a bit camera shy around me, and decided to wear some sunglasses!

Elena likes visiting England, particularly London and Edinburgh, and she wants to improve her English as well.  Her choice of name for her bar was so accident as she is fixated on Celtic things.  Recently she has been reading a great tome on Celtic mythology.  According to Wikipedia Avalon is a legendary island from Arthurian legend. Notice the Celtic symbols on the door?





There isn’t just the main bar area with a few bar stools to sit.  If you want to linger a little longer there is a lovely back room.  Notice the continuing use of Celtic imagery…










I love how all the cushions are covered in different coloured and patterned fabrics.

When you are in Italy, do you have a favourite bar you like to go to?

  • Those cheery cushions make me happy. 🙂 I’m one of those creatures of habit type people. I like to find a bar/cafe/restaurant that I love, and then go there all the time. 🙂 One of my brothers is like that too, and his wife thinks we’re both crazy. 🙂 She’d go to a new place every day if she could. 🙂 Funny how we’re all so different. 🙂

    • Aren’t the cushions delightful Krista!  I must say that although we have been to a few bars here in Capodimonte, since I’ve found Elena’s bar, I prefer to go here.  I agree with you it is funny how we have different preferences 🙂

  • www.orvietoorbust.com

    An Italian bar is not just a place to get your morning cappuccino, it is also where you are known and feel part of the community.  I have several favorites in my town, but the one I frequent most is smack dab in the middle of town, on the busy Corso and if you have a seat under the umbrellas outside, you can watch the entire town walk by.  Avalon is beautiful and I can see why you love it.  Great post, Cathy.

    • Exactly Toni, you are so right about that.  So true, because often you can’t just run in and have a quick cup of coffee, you may linger on for a while talking to one of the villagers.  Thanks for complementing my post Toni, I’m glad you like it.

  • I’m a regular Cathy. There’s about 10 bars in town but I only ever go to one – we call it the locals. Not a touristy type bar, lots of farmers, tradesmen and old boys playing cards. It’s no thrills but the coffee is excellent and the people are warm and friendly. What more could you ask from a bar?

    • So true Mario, your bar sounds like a typical town bar with local, devoted clientele, where your needs are met.  I agree with you, nothing else is required. 

  • Ciao Cathy. Such a sweet post! I am fanatically loyal when it comes to my favourite bar in Perugia…For the first cappuccino e brioche it just has to be Bar dell’ Accademia in Via dei Priori. I was there this morning! I have my usual brioche semplice and hope the owner is the one making the coffees that morning. He is a maestro!! It is a classic old school bar. No glam, not at all try hard. Hasn’t changed in thirty years and I love it!!! 

    • Aww, thanks Janine.  I love that you are fanatically loyal to your favourite bar.  I hope you are having the best time in Perugia 🙂

  • Lindyloumacinitaly

    Cathy you are right it is a shame we have not had the chance to go here together.

    • We haven’t yet, but we will, I’m sure 🙂

  • What a charming place! I would love for it to be right next door to me – it could easily become my part time office 🙂

    • This bar is a lovely place Margo, and I totally understand why you feel it could become your part time office 🙂

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