Fresh pasta

There is a first time for everything, and luckily a few months before we left Italy I had the opportunity for having a lesson on how to make fresh pasta.  This came about when my neighbour said she had an extra pasta making machine, and if I ever wanted to do it, she would gladly teach me.

So yesterday I went over to her place, put on an apron (which I never do – I just hope I don’t cover myself in food whilst cooking) and set to work.

We used 1kg of flour plus 6 eggs.  She says that you can use up to 8 eggs but she prefers to use less.  We then set about mixing it together.  Then if it is a little dry you can add milk or water (we added a tiny bit of milk).



We then kneaded it once it was all together, and left it wrapped in a tea towel for about 30 minutes.

After that it was time to pass it through the machine for the first time.  I cut off a bit of the dough and then put it through the machine.  It was a hand operated one, which I thought was great exercise for my arm muscles.  We had to pass the pasta through quite a few times, so it was really smooth, each time I folded it in half and put it through again. We then put them on the table and covered the dough pieces with a cloth.

Once we had been through all the dough, we then re did the whole lot again a second time so it came out thinner, and artistically draped it over the table.


Also over the washing dryer!


Then we needed to wait about 10 minutes to give the pasta time to dry a little more before passing it through for the last time.  I decided that I wanted to make tagliatelle.



It made quite a lot!

We had tagliatelle al ragu’ bolognese for dinner that night.


It was a great experience, and I most certainly will be doing it again.  It was worth it, the pasta was delicious.

Have you ever made fresh pasta?  If so, what type?  If not, would you like to try to make fresh pasta one day?

  • LindyloumacinItaly

    A fun lesson Cathy 🙂

  • mariomatassa

    Ha ha, well done Cathy. A true initiation. You are now a fully fledged member of the Vero Italiano Club! Next you have to try a stuffed pasta!

    •  Quite right Mario, and that is exactly what my neighbour said yesterday!  Stuffed pasta is next on the agenda.

  • Inspiredinitaly

    I’ve always wanted to know the secrets of making fresh pasta, thanks for sharing 🙂 Tagliatelle is a favorite of mine too 🙂 

    •  You’re welcome Emily.  I’m looking forward to making more fresh pasta.

  • I love this Cathy. Bravissima!! What a natural you are! I love the step by step and the end result looks absolutely delicious. You’ve set yourself up now for more fresh pasta making very soon I’m sure 😉

    • Thanks for the lovely compliment Janine.  The end result was great.  I guess I should now make the effort to do more pasta making soon! 

  • Brava! I’ve never made pasta but tired to make bread once. It was harder than a rock! Your pasta looks great, and if I find a pasta machine I will give it a go. 

    •  Grazie Jennifer.  Bread may be the next challenge.  I have already tried that and mine was rock like too!  Do give it a go if you find a pasta machine.  I really enjoyed myself.

  • I made it eons ago, when I was still in my teens, but haven’t tried it since, and I don’t have a pasta machine here, unfortunately. I clearly need to find a better-equipped kitchen next time I move!

    •  Kate, I don’t have a pasta machine either.  My neighbour and I were using two machines, hers and her mothers.  I may need to invest in one in the near future!

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