Grandi & Bollani

I was reading an Italian newspaper and came across the name of an Italian musician that I didn’t recognise.  His name is Stefano Bollani.  He has recently released a book called ‘Parliamo di musica’.  He was called a jazz pianist in the article and I was keen to find out more about his music.

It was as a result of a brief search that I came across the fact that late last year he released an album with Irene Grandi and was featured on Volo in direttaVolo in diretta is a program on Rai 3 that is aired twice a week and is hosted by Fabio Volo.

The album is called Grandi & Bollani.  There are 12 tracks on the album:

1. Viva la pappa col pomodoro

2. Olhos nos olhos (Occhi negli occhi)

3. Dream a little dream of me

4. Costruire

5. Come non mi hai visto mai

6.  A me me piace ‘o blues

7. For once in my life

8. L’arpa della tua anima

9. No surprises

10 . Roda viva

11. La gente e me

12. Medo de amar

The most popular songs from this album on iTunes are ‘Costruire, Come non mi hai visto mai and A me me piace ‘o blues.

I have to say that I really like the first track which is the one Grandi and Bollani performed on Volo in diretta.  Viva la pappa col pomodoro is actually a Rita Pavone song from the 1960s, but I think it is really rather catchy.



  • LindyLou Mac

    Irene Grandi is a favourite artist of mine and I have heard her singing tracks from this album with Stefano Bollani on the radio in Italy. 🙂

    • I remember you saying that she is one of your favourite artists Linda. That is very interesting that you have heard some of these songs on the radio 🙂