Home made pizza

Yesterday we were discussing what meals we were going to have over the weekend, with the focus on evening meals.

One of the suggestions was something prepared in the slow cooker.

I was keen for a roast dinner (which is what we are having this evening).

Our daughter said how about home-made pizza.

It really is too easy to call up for a Dominos (we got one recently in the town where we live) or buy it from the frozen section of the supermarket.  However when the effort is made to make a real pizza, dough and all, it is well worth it.

We only did it a handful of times when we lived in Italy, completely from scratch, making the dough I mean.  After all in supermarkets in Italy you can buy sheets of dough.  So it is easy to buy that, throw together some tomato passata, toss on some mozzarella and you have a Margherita pizza.

Our daughter indulged in a touch of reminiscing about our friend’s restaurant and his excellent pizza.


But her Dad is really rather good at making it too.

Although yesterday the dough making fell to my daughter and I.

I also prepared a tomato passata, I like it to cook slowly for an hour, for a rich tomato flavour.

We used Delia Smith’s recipe for the pizza dough.  She uses an egg in hers.


It created loads of washing up as we ended up using three separate bowls for the dough balls to rise.  My daughter did an excellent job of kneading and then rolling into balls.



Then the Britalian (aka my husband – he’s British and Italian), took over with the final preparation bits.

Earlier in the morning when we went shopping we invested in two new trays.



half pizza Margherita. The other half had mushrooms on top


A family favourite is the pizza pictured below.  Zucchini and potato – it is just so tasty.


Potato and zucchini pizza with fennel seed sprinkled on top


My daughter suggested we invest in a pizza oven for the garden.  I think we would all be happy if we just got organised more often and made home-made pizza.  There’s nothing wrong with using the regular oven.

Have you ever made pizza at home?

  • I haven’t made homemade pizza in ages, Cathy, but yours look stunning!!! I love the flavor so much more than store bought. A pizza oven in the backyard is one of my dreams too. 🙂