Inspiring Blog Award

When I first checked my emails this morning I got a big surprise when I saw that Jennifer from My Sardinian Life had nominated me for an Inspiring Blog Award.




I need to do three things to fulfil this honour.  First one I have done as I have thanked Jennifer and included a link to her blog post.

Next I need to nominate 7 bloggers who inspire me.

Jessica Bell – This talented Australian resides in Greece.  She has written a couple of books and poetry collections as well.  She is also a musician.  She seems to be so busy and constantly on the go and manages to achieve so much.

Life on Planet Baby – Jane’s blog is one of my recent finds, but I do find her posts really good.  They are honest and from the heart.

Natasha in Oz – I’ve followed Natasha for a number of years now.  I’m particularly fond of her Sunday Song post, that has now become Tuesday Tune.

Dream Life of Mine – I admire Ingrid and find it inspiring that she has the guts to buy a small property in Italy on her own and take on the restoration.  A real gutsy Kiwi.

Rambling Tart – Krista takes the most amazing photos and occasionally inserts the most inspiring and often uplifting quotes in her posts.  She inspires me to be a stronger woman and for that I am thankful.

Renovating Italy – Lisa is another gem.  She is about to take on another renovation project in Italy after having already done one.

Sally’s Ordinary Insanity Stories – I don’t stop by Sally’s blog as often as I should.  Mainly I keep up with Sally’s busyness via facebook.  She’s a multi-talented lady and has a heart of gold.


Now I have to add 7 things that you do not know about  me:

1. I hate cooking.  If I could I’d live on salads all the time.

2. I’m addicted to musicals.  The series Smash is one of my favourite recent TV shows.

3. I didn’t really want a pet, but my husband says that I love our cat the most in our family.



4. One of the first things that I did when I came to England was join the library.

5. I’m massively homesick for Australia, but I don’t dwell on it.

6. I only read children’s books in Italian, because I don’t feel capable of reading adult ones.

7. I’d like to brush up on my French and learn Spanish, but I’m not sure I’ll succeed.

  • Ingrid

    Thank you so much Cathy – your support of my blog and the nomination really means a lot to me! By the way – you’re a bit of a ‘gutsy Aussie shiela’ – if you don’t mind me saying so!! Grazie mille xo

  • Ingrid

    Oh by the way – I think you may be surprised how easily you will improve your French and learn Spanish – they are romance languages after all and their are many similarities between them 🙂

    • Well Ingrid, I’ll keep you posted if I manage to start…One of my motivations for French and Spanish is the fact that my son will be studying both in secondary school starting in September 🙂

  • Francesca Muir

    Congratulations Cathy – such a well deserved nomination. I look forward to your posts and then savour them like a tasty morsel during the day!  Best wishes from a cool and sporadically sunny Sydney!  F

    • Thank you so much Francesca for posting this comment.  I’m so happy that you enjoy reading my blog posts.  

  • I love this post, Cathy. 🙂 I’m chuckling to myself that you hate cooking. I just went through a loooong hate cooking phase but am easing out of it now. 🙂 Thank you so much for nominating me. I’m very honored. 🙂

    • Thanks Krista.  I’m pleased you like this post.  I’m smiling that you’re chuckling about my cooking comment.  You’re most welcome regarding your nomination.  I’m off to read your latest blog post and live vicariously through your recipe posting 😉

  • Janine

    Your list made me smile Cathy! See, even when you’re joking about yourself you’re inspiring! Congratulations!!!! x

    • Ah Janine, thank you so much 🙂  Am sitting here feeling rather speechless, so I’ll just smile instead 🙂

  • Aw you are so sweet! Thank you! 🙂 You inspire me with your enthusiasm to learn how to get the best out of social media! 

    • You’re so welcome Jessica 🙂  You know that I’ve tried really hard to get you noticed on social media, because your work is worth promoting.