Italy living up to its reputation

Earlier this week we returned from a holiday in Italy, having spent a week there over Easter.  We went over at this time predominately as my brother-in-law was getting married.  The wedding took place on Easter Saturday so that left a couple of days afterwards to do some other things.

Like maybe a bit of sight-seeing.

Although we were thwarted in our attempt.

Easter Monday is the usual day for going out with family/ friends and doing a bit of sight-seeing.  The thing was we had in mind to go to the Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola. But on their website, it states that they are closed on Mondays so we thought we would leave it to the next day.


Palazzo Farnese

We were not impressed when we got there and found this sign.


Riposo settimanale

We gained the following information from a lady who had attempted entry just prior to us. Apparently they had worked too hard on Easter Monday, and were therefore giving themselves a day off. We went down into the street and had a coffee at a bar. The barista suggested we return back to the entrance and try and give them 20 euros. We didn’t though. We had driven at least 50 kilometres unnecessarily…

Oh well. Another only in Italy story to add to the collection.

Have you had a similar experience anywhere?

  • Dominick

    So surprised that they were even open on Easter Monday. In Italy most places are closed on that day even the state run trains! I found that in Italy information areas open when they wish not at the posted hours. Oh well, that’s Italy, we need to take it in stride, but love it.

    • Yes that’s what surprised us too Dominick. Very true – it is rather pot luck in some cases isn’t it re opening hours of places.