Occhio alla lingua-presepe

I have been going through my photos looking at Christmases past and came across some photos of presepe or Nativity scenes.

One of my favourites would have to be the first group one my son helped out with in his first year of scuola elementare in Italy.




The second one we had displayed at home one year.






Do you have a Nativity scene that you display in your home?

  • Janine

    None so elaborate as this one Cathy, but yes we have two presepi on the go. One is Marabella’s and one belongs to my parents as we all share the one household nowdays…. There’s something about un presepe though that takes me straight back to primary school myself. Must be all those navity plays and the dream of every little girl to be Mary! Buon natale a te, cara xx

    • Glad to hear Janine that you have two presepi in your house Janine. Advent calenders and nativity scenes are things I remember from primary school. Buon natale to you too xx

  • lisa | renovating italy

    we don’t but now we are living in Italy I’d like to get one, xxx

    • I hope you do Lisa xx