Occhio alla lingua – rifiuti

Rifiuti and immondizia = rubbish/ trash

These are two words that you can use when referring to rubbish or trash.

When we lived in Sydney, we lived in the Hornsby Shire council area where you have three bins at your house. One yellow lid bin for recycling, one green lid bin for organic waste and one red lid bin for general waste. The red bin was collected once a week, whereas the other two were collected fortnightly. So it was either red and yellow or red and green out the front of your house.  But I don’t have any photos to show you.

The photos below are of the rubbish collection situation in Tuscania (a town of 8000 people in northern Lazio).

Firstly we don’t have personal bins at each house/ apartment. You have spots dotted around the town with the general waste bins.


When we lived in Tuscania in 2009 our children were involved with a school initiative where they had to collect bottle tops.

In this variety you can recycle plastic, cans and tetrapaks.


On the left is the paper recycling and on the right the glass recycling.


I never worked out whether there was some pattern about how often the rubbish was collected.  Often there would be a great stock pile in front of the bins.