What do I love about living in Italy – Rosa

Today’s featured expat is Rosa, who is a fellow Australian, and writes at the blog Bell’Avventura.  She divides her time between the Amalfi Coast and Luxembourg.  Here are her thoughts on what she loves about living in Italy.

What do I love about living in Italy. It’s so hard to pinpoint.

Ever since I visited Italy in my teens many years ago, I knew that it was the place where I could lay my hat. My history was here.

I listened to Italian music to improve my almost non existent language skills and later studied a year of Italian at Melbourne Uni to get the basis of grammar. The path was set when I found work amongst Italian speakers at an agency for migrants. Like a little Italy.

But the next visit to Europe was the discovery of the Amalfi Coast, an outrageously stunning coastline south of Naples.  I left my heart there and shortly after, I returned to live there.The joy of waking up in that scenery is indescribable.I feel at home. I feel that life can get no better.

The people are so friendly welcoming me back time after time with affection. I love walking around the town and being stopped for a chat by locals. I love the way coffee bars become the public living rooms for winter.I love the way a woman my age, is still appreciated. I accept the simplicity of life here without having modern conveniences as a given right and understand the total luxury of those things once I go back to Luxembourg.

I think Italy is about the Italian’s generosity, warmth of character and family traditions. Grazie Italia for making me feel at home!


About me: An Aussie expat with four children tripping through life between Luxembourg and Positano.   The ups and downs of life on the Amalfi Coast are described on my blog www.bellavventura.blogspot.com . Snippets of Positano are on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/BellAvventura-in-Positano/