Reflections on 2 years blogging as An Italophile

I noticed the other day that my 2nd year blogging anniversary had come and gone without me even realising it.


This blog started its life as a blogger blog.  Then after a little while I decided that I wanted to purchase my own domain to be the owner of my content and to feel protected in a sense.  I felt that it would be an impetus for my writing.

It certainly has been.

I have learnt a lot along the way.  I certainly do not regret using self hosted WordPress from the beginning of my domain owning days.  I feel I have come a long way.  I am sure that there is room for improvement in terms of using the plugins and widgets that I have but that is part of the adventure.

Blogging to me is an adventure.


I love the creative process of crafting my posts and thinking of what images I am going to use.

Blogging has enabled me to connect with lots of interesting people.

One of my readers was worried that I would run out of content when I left Italy and moved to the UK.  I certainly do not post as much as I did back then, but I think I also need to bear in mind that my blogging has expanded as I own another domain as well, Wandering Sheila.  My holiday in Italy during the summer made me determined to keep this blog going.

I have been doing lots of reading lately and decided to make both of my websites look similar.  In the past, I wanted them to look rather different, but I changed my mind on this.  I hope you like the look of the blog now.

When I started this blog I was living in Italy.  Leaving Italy didn’t mean that I didn’t like Italy anymore as I still do.  I’m still An Italophile.  I’m still here to promote Italian places and things and intend to do so.

When you think of Italy what images does it conjure up for you?  I’d love to hear what you like/ love about Italy?