Edendum Brighton

I am definitely drawn to trying new Italian places, particularly those that claim to be genuine Italian.

I’ve always loved Italian food and feel very fortunate to have lived in the country.

Naturally when I come across a place that I can try, particularly a local haunt then I am keen.

Edendum has only been open a month.  It is a cafe, restaurant and food shop as well.



Perhaps it could be debated that I approached my visit in an unusual manner.  After all, I had coffee first – a macchiato…

Then I pored over the menu deciding what to have.

Given that I hadn’t had a pasta meal yet this week, and once upon a time we had pasta every day for lunch, I hovered over the primi page.

And I decided on – Paccheri con salsa di rucola, ricotta salata e nocciole



It was very filling.

However, I am a dessert person and couldn’t go past trying the panna cotta; and it was utterly worth it.


Plus I got to taste the specially produced chocolates that come from Cuneo, featuring my favourite nut.


There is a lot of food to choose from if you wish to purchase something from the food shop.  Yes the chocolates are included!



A highlight for me would have to be the fact that I could speak Italian with Diego (who is one of the owners).

Where to find them:

69 East Street
East Sussex BN1 1HQ

Phone : (+44) 01273 733800

Opening hours:

Sunday to Thursday:
10am to 11pm

Friday and Saturday:
10am to 11.30pm