Mondiale 2014

This weekend it all starts – Mondiale 2014.

Late Saturday here in Europe many eyes will be turning towards Brazil as England and Italy play their first match in the World Cup.

The upcoming matches gave me the idea to share some football/ soccer terms.

l’attaccante = striker

il calcio = football/ soccer

il calciatore = football/ soccer player

il campionato = the league

il difensore = defender

i giocatori = players


il centrocampista = midfielder

il calcio d’angolo = corner

il calcio di punizione = free kick

il calcio di rigore = penalty kick

il fuori gioco = offside

il gol = goal

il pallone = ball

il portiere = goalkeeper

la squadra = the team

sull’ala = on the wing

i tifosi = the fans

According to Pirlo he believes it is possible that Italy can win the World Cup.  Amongst the other things that he says is that when Italy have played against England they have always done well.

Will you be watching the World Cup? Do you follow a football team?  Do you have a favourite player?