A spot of gardening

I have been thinking about the need to cut my front lawn, but I have not got around to it yet.  This morning as I walked back home from taking my children to the bus stop, I thought well now is as good as time as ever, given that the sun was shining although the sky was fairly full of dark clouds.


The above photo shows part of our land which is full of dried chicory and long grass. My little electric mower can’t handle that and we don’t have a tractor!


This photo shows our neighbours land and also looks towards the hill of Bisenzo, where once Etruscans lived.


This is one patch that I concentrated on mowing, just near my portico, as well as a path leading towards my vegetable patch.


There are plenty of these purple wildflowers in our garden.



On this hill yesterday there was a deer.  I didn’t manage to get a photo.  Two deer ran past our front gate, one went in one direction and the other one went up this hill.  It is  a pity I didn’t get photo evidence.  My son took a brief video, but he is just a speck on the hill.

The other photos are taken from my front garden looking at the nearby area.