Peach tiramisu

Tiramisù, the traditional coffee flavoured one would probably have to be one of my favourite desserts.  I believe it was the first Italian dessert I ever tried.  Whilst we were living in Italy, every time we went over to a friend’s house, she always made her pineapple tiramisù, it was her signature dish.  We never tired of it, it came to be expected in fact.  My mother-in-law has made the traditional coffee one and also a strawberry version.

The last time my husband made a tiramisù was during British Egg Week at the beginning of October.  I had a brief twitter exchange about it with Tea & Biscotti, alas no recipe was posted at the time.

I thought this presented the perfect opportunity.  Generally speaking we don’t have special dessert during the week or often at all for that matter when it is just the four of us.  We might make something to take to a family do.  This time, the whole tiramisù will be devoured by four eaters only (not in one sitting though!).


Firstly I separated three eggs into whites and yolks in two separate bowls.  Then I added
3 ½ tablespoons of caster sugar to the yolks and beat them until the sugar was  incorporated.  Meanwhile the egg whites were beaten into soft peaks by my husband.  The team work aspect was good.  Our daughter got into the act by laying a single layer of sponge finger biscuits in the glass serving dish.  Then she opened a can of peaches and covered the biscuits with the juice and the peaches.  She opened a second tin and poured over the juice.

I had added the mascarpone (250g tub) to the egg yolks and had beaten it until smooth.  Then I folded the egg whites into the mascarpone mixture.

Next I poured it over the biscuits.

It looks so good.  We made it last night to enjoy tonight.


You will notice that the adult half has slivered almonds covering it.  A certain someone didn’t want them on the kiddie half.