Food blogging

This article that was published on the website Mama Mia and also originally in the Sun Herald (a weekend newspaper in Sydney, Australia) got me thinking about blogging about food.

Now I am certainly a big food fan, but I am, by no stretch of the imagination a food writer, but that is not to say, that I don’t hope to improve my skills at writing about food. As it so happens, yesterday an idea about a food related blog post did come to mind and I am not turned off writing it. I guess that is the beauty of blogging – you can write about topics that you are interested in.  I love food, and always have done.  I have always taken photos of what I have been about to eat, and also what my family has had right in front of them.

Below are two pictures, the first one is of the plate of pasta that we had at a trattoria in a place called Vejano, located in the Viterbo province of Lazio, Italy.

The second picture is a typical Italian vehicle that you find, I just couldn’t resist taking a photo of it since it advertised the place where we were about to eat – Al Capifuoco.



It was a lovely meal that we had all together.  I’d quite happily go there again.