Gelateria De Luca–Brighton

I was excited when my brother-in-law suggested that we go and try out the gelato at the Gelateria De Luca in Brighton earlier this week.  I believe that it has been open for about 12 months.  It was opened by Brighton resident Felice DeLuca.


It was after dinner that we went and there weren’t that many flavours to choose from, in fact I opted for a single flavour only (there wasn’t enough of my favourite hazelnut).  What I did think was a nice touch was the fact that we all started to order our gelati in Italian.

Just around the corner was this view:



I’d certainly like to go back and try some other flavours.  Perhaps if this hot weather continues in England we will do so.

Gelateria De Luca

St. James’s Street
East Sussex

Telephone: 01273 698 684

I tried to appeal to some Italians resident in Brighton to tell me what they thought via twitter.




So far I haven’t received any replies, but I would love some feedback from anyone who has  tried the gelato here to let me know what you thought.