PDO cooking challenge

When I was presented with the opportunity to participate in a cookery blogging challenge I didn’t hesitate for too long before deciding that I wanted to.


The “PDO – the taste of origin and tradition” campaign, was launched in partnership with the Consortium of Prosciutto di San Daniele and the Consortium of Grana Padano Cheese, and is designed to promote Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) products.  Now in its third and final year, and funded by the EU and Italian government, it is focused on sharing the unique qualities & characteristics of these products in the UK and raising awareness of what PDO status means.


This advertisement is on the rear cover of the October issue of Italia! magazine.

The basket below arrived at my house and I felt really honoured and grateful.


Within the basket I was going to find tasty Italian ingredients.






Prosciutto di San Daniele



and Grana Padano cheese



I’ve never tasted Prosciutto di San Daniele before so I was fascinated to learn more about it.  As the box states these are the only producers of San Daniele prosciutto.





I decided that I wanted to make my own fresh pasta to go with my dish.  It wasn’t long before I actually found myself regretting my decision.  Making fresh pasta may look easy, but I didn’t find it particularly so.




I made the pasta using 5 eggs and 500 grams of pasta flour.

With a bit of determination after really wanting to throw in the towel (and some encouragement and assistance from my husband), I managed to make my fresh pasta.



Then it was time to turn to the sauce.  I started off by shredding the prosciutto into smaller pieces, basically by using my knife to tear it up.  I used one pack (approx. 150g).  Then I added some grated orange rind being careful not to go down too far.



I had intended to add cream to the whole lot, however my husband didn’t want to eat pasta with cream, so I divided it into two.  Half with cream and half without.  The lot with cream was basically just warmed through with some grated grana padano cheese added to it (a few tablespoons worth).  The half without I just added some cheese at the end along with some drizzled olive oil.  On reflection I think it would have been better to have separated the second lot into a different frying pan and to have briefly cooked the olive oil as it had a rather sharp flavour to it.

Fresh pasta doesn’t take long to cook at all.  I was quite anxious standing over my saucepan waiting for it to rise to the surface.

Once all mixed together it was buon appetito time!








Disclaimer: I received the goods mentioned above in order to take part in a blogging cookery challenge.  I am thoroughly grateful to have been given this wonderful opportunity.