Mozzarella and pancetta rolls

The last time we went to Australia, my mum made these rolls with my children.  I have wanted to repeat the process ever since, but I am rather budget conscience about my food bill at the moment.  Given that a principal ingredient is Greek yoghurt, when I saw that it was on special (50% off I think it was), I immediately placed it in my trolley.



The first step was to make the dough.  I used the entire 500g tub of yoghurt along with 2 cups of flour.


The recipe called for self-raising flour.  I tend to use flour with a raising agent in it (lievito).  I combined both of the ingredients in a bowl, and then put them on a floured surface where I kneaded it for about 5 minutes and then I rolled it out into a rectangle.


I had browned 250g of pancetta in a pan.


I then put the pancetta on the base along with about 250g of mozzarella and rolled it up.  I then cut it into 2cm sections and lay them on a baking tray.

Pictured below are some of them.