Nigellissima–the music


On Monday evening the last episode in the series was shown.  For me one of the highlights of the show was the Italian music, particularly in episodes 1 & 2.  I will explain why.  These were the only episodes where you saw Nigella introducing what her aim was with the series.  In the background there was a song playing that I first discovered when I watched an SBS TV show that was shown in Australia about a lady detective of Italian ancestry and her mafia family in Melbourne called Carla Cametti.  This song is Zerosospiro’s C’é un tic.  You can also find this song on the artist’s 2008 album Mentre il sole splende (while the sun shines).

This song appealed to me because of the Italian, but I also found it fascinating that there were some English words sprinkled through it as well.

To hear the whole song you need to go here.

Zerosospiro was founded by Paolo D’Errico and Alessandra Ferrari.  Their album Mentre il sole splende was released by the Bologna based Italian record label Irma.