Occhio alla lingua–fare la spesa

Recently I have been attempting to do a bit of Italian language learning.  Not much, just every couple of days I try and go over a few words.

One aspect that I have been particularly drawn to this time is food.

With that in mind, I thought it was a good idea to have a phrase this week that is linked to food – so I decided on fare la spesa – to go grocery shopping.

Now I know that the receipt dates back to nearly a year ago, but I came across a photo of my shopping from one of the local alimentari.




An alimentari has a range of food for sale.  In a sense it is a centrally located small supermarket, particularly favoured by some of the women of the town.  If there is more than one alimentari in town, people often tend to shop in their favourite one.  The same can also be said for the baker you use.



My first experiences of alimentari date back to when I first lived in Italy.  My husband introduced me to the combination of anchovies and mozzarella on a bread roll (panino).  Since then I must say that I mostly ended up using one of the larger supermarkets unless I only had one or two items that I needed in which case an alimentari can be a great place to go shopping (fare la spesa).

Have you ever shopped in an alimentari?  How did you find the experience?