Life in Orvieto

You may be a tourist in Italy, but that does not mean that you do not take in interest in what life is like for the locals.  In this post my Dad has highlighted some photos based on life for the locals in Orvieto.


Snapshots from a Tourist in Italy


Life goes on – I was aware of the big bins and people bringing their garbage, but we wondered what would be the fate of the old sofa. We got our answer.


4 Orvietan life  1- Garbage run


4 Orvietan life 2 - Discarded


Such a familiar sign for those of us who have spent significant periods of time in Italy (editor’s note).  Here is an ‘Ape’ perhaps with a contribution towards winter’s wood supply!


4 Orvietan life 3 - Stocking up for winter


Modern vs Old Orvieto


The centro storico (historic centre) taken from modern Orvieto.

5 Centro Storico  from Modern Orvieto


Modern Orvieto

5 Modern Orvieto 2012

Modern Orvieto taken from the walls.

5 Modern Orvieto from the Walls


Apparently the buffet is rated on Trip Advisor.

6 The Buffet is rated on Tripadvisor


An exhausted tourist?

6 Tired tourist