Italian food night

Recently we haven’t been having typical Italian dishes at dinner time as often as we used to and it made me think about whether I should devote a particular evening to cooking Italian food.

So at the beginning of last week, I opened up the cupboard and pulled out a cookbook to get some inspiration.


Yes Gino D’Acampo provided the inspiration recipe.

I ended up making a gnocchi recipe that included a tomato sauce with olives and then some time in the oven.  I forgot to get mozzarella so I improvised with cheddar.  It worked out well.  I say this as in all the members of the family ate the dish which always makes me happy.



That was last Monday.  Thursday night I made the family favourite of pasta with ragù.  Friday night the Britalian made saffron risotto.  So in the end we had Italian food three times last week.  This made me wonder about whether I really need to allocate a certain day to Italian food preparation.  Should we just let it be, and eat Italian food when we feel like it.  It used to be every day and I guess that is why I was wondering why our habits had changed.

I was a bit concerned last week as I was reading A Year of Secrets, Recipes & Pleasure by Mireille Guiliano that there was too much carbohydrate consumption going on in my household (at least by last week’s standards), but I am pleased to report that she is a pasta enthusiast (just with portion control in operation).



Do you have certain nights of the week when you eat certain things?  Like a quiche evening or pasta night?