Trattoria La Casalinga

I was so pleased to see that my Dad has written a foodie centric post about an authentic trattoria experience in the heart of Florence.


An Authentic Trattoria

Trattoria La Casalinga is not easy to find. It is tucked away in a narrow street a couple of blocks from the Ponte Vecchio. However, the word is out, it seems. Tipped off by friends, we planned to be there when it opened.

La Casalinga 01

We arrived about 6:55 pm to discover the roller shutter door still closed. We were first in the queue (of 8) when the doors opened at exactly 7:00 pm. By the time we left about 8:15 pm, the restaurant was full to capacity, with people queued inside and outside on the pavement.

The external appearance proves to be misleading, in that the restaurant occupies the building next door, giving considerable seating space via internal access.

One gets a strong feeling of ‘family’ in the way this place still clearly reflects the model set from its beginning 1964.

La Casalinga 02

The menu is simple, but quite extensive. Our limited Italian was greeted with a degree of amusement but our order was taken with casual efficiency. No matter how busy the wait staff became, all orders were committed to memory, with not a note pad in sight.

Barely a minute seemed to elapse before we had our bread, water and wines were delivered. [on a second visit, we saw the secret to that – many carafes and half carafes of wine were already set up in anticipation of the rush]

We sampled the wide choice of Antipasti, including ‘”crostini misti” and “insalata di rucola e grana” (salad of rocket and cheese). Along with the fresh bread, oil and balsamic, our appetites are well sated early. For mains we had two different pasta dishes and a simple veal dish, all of which were judged to be tasty and wholesome.

La Casalinga 03

The vino bianco and vino rosso went down well. In places like this, the ‘vino di casa’ usually seems to be a good choice.

We finished with excellent “caffè macchiati” , including one ‘decaf’….. the cost for four was very reasonable.

No wonder the word is out, that this trattoria is great value.

While only offered in Italian, the website is also quite entertaining

Trattoria La Casalinga

Via dè Michelozzi, 9r  50125 Florence, Italy