San Pietro, Tuscania – interior and exterior

It is not the first time that this iconic church has featured on my blog.  My father wrote a brief post about it.

This year given that I am delving back into the past to find inspiration for my daily photo challenge I am also coming across material that I would like to elaborate on in more detail.  This church is one such example.

It is in such a prominent position that it can be seen from quite a distance away.  I have quite a collection of photos of the church from different perspectives.

After you have climbed the hill and walked around the corner past the towers, there is the entrance to the church.


San Pietro

entrance to San Pietro, Tuscania

Below you will see a few interior shots of the church.






Some of the scenes from Zeffirelli’s 1968 Romeo and Juliet were filmed in this church.  This included the death of Romeo and Juliet which was filmed on the lower floor of the church where these stunning columns are.