Wine-an accompaniment to an Italian meal

I have many memories of wine in Italy.

One of the first that sprang to mind was when we went to see how the grapes were progressing in the cellar of a good friend of my husband.


We have had spent many evenings with this particular friend and his family drinking his wine and spending time chilling out.

There were many times when we were at home by ourselves, that we ended up purchasing a standard wine in a box – Tavernello.  Nostalgia had us last summer when we purchased some to enjoy at home.  I think that it is often presumed that wine in a box is inferior, but this is not what I believe.  We found that the standard of this particular wine was also reasonable.  I have experienced worse wine than Tavernello…


There are so many times that I remember sitting around a table with friends enjoying a meal and conversation, just like we did last summer when we returned home and had friends and family over for a lovely dinner.  There was beer, wine and water on offer.  We sat outside, under our portico.



A few years earlier we enjoyed a family lunch out in a lake-side restaurant with some house wine to go with our fish.



I am getting slightly distracted from the wine focus of this post.

Now that we live in England, we do sometimes end up picking Italian wines.  Although we have other favourites that hail from Australia, Chile and New Zealand.

Last week we discovered an Italian wine that we bought again this evening to accompany our pasta carbonara.  It was indeed pasta night.


It did go well with the pasta…

We also bought up another Italian wine (since we saw it there on the shelf) that we are looking forward to trying as it is from a relatively local area to where we used to live.

This being – Orvieto in Umbria.

It was a bit strange too.  I say this as the other day my husband and I were in other supermarket and I thought that I had read the words Orvieto Classico.  But I hadn’t.  So hence our enthusiasm for purchasing this Orvieto since we had seen the genuine article.


Orvieto – the historic centre. The duomo clearly evident.




With Italy, ITA and the colours of the Italian flag plus the near ‘home’ connection how could we refuse…

Do you have a favourite wine?

This post is the first in a series of four as I have been chosen to be a featured blogger for Dr Oetker pizza.