Opening a 20 year old bottle of Brunello

15 years ago my husband was given a bottle of wine by a friend of ours who owned an enoteca at the time.  An enoteca is a wine shop.  The wine that he gave my husband was a Brunello di Montalcino.  This is a red wine that is produced in vineyards surrounding Montalcino, which is located about 120 kms south of Florence.

I don’t remember whether we thought there would be a particularly good time to open it or not.  It is a rather well-travelled bottle of wine as it was given to us in Italy, then moved with us to Australia, then moved back to Italy and it ended up in England with us.

brunello 1

lt had been noted that perhaps we could have looked after its storage a bit better.  It has been living in this polystyrene box for all the time we have had it.

brunello case

Brunello cork

But what was the taste verdict?

brunello and decanter

Well it was rather fortified and a bit strong.  None of us finished our glasses, but there is still some in the decanter, awaiting a decision from my husband as to whether he will taste some more or perhaps give the basil some additional nutrients.

Have you ever kept a wine for a long time?  If so, what was it like when you opened it?