An ode to pasta

I am a poetry fan, but I am pretty sure that this post does not comply to what convention dictates an ode should be.

The thing is last week I joined a new group at church.  One of the ice breaker activities was to name a favourite food.  To be honest with you I don’t think that I really have a favourite food.  However one food that I am really keen on is pasta.  This is the food that I said was my favourite (or pretty close to it).

When we were living in Italy we ate pasta at least once most days.  These days however we probably only have pasta a couple of times a week, maybe even less.

My daughter loves ragù sauce and every time we went to Alfreda’s in Tuscania she would pick gnocchi with ragù.  Given that ragù sauce is a family favourite we tend to have it rather often.

When we had it earlier in the week there was no sign of tagliatelle (as they would serve in Bologna).  It was short pasta in the saucepan and two types as I am not a fan of nearly empty packets of pasta in my store cupboard.

So this is what it looked like.

pasta with ragu sauce

Italian inspired food at my table.

Sprinkled with Italian parmesan, it was perfection on a plate (at least in my book).

Do you have a favourite pasta dish?

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