Family Nights In

One of my favourite things is to spend time at home with my family of an evening.  Given that we are heading into the colder months of the year here in England it is something that I hope we will make the most of.

When we do have a family night in we start off with something to eat.

I was craving all sorts of healthy food yesterday after buying some produce from the farm shop in own town.

I knew that we were going to have meatballs – but there wasn’t a strand of spaghetti in sight.

I made a rich tomato sauce for the meatballs and also added mushrooms to the sauce.  Then I served it with broccoli and butternut squash.


In addition, there was salad with tomatoes, lettuce, fennel, celery and orange pepper.


After eating and cleaning up the kitchen, we will then settle down to watch something on TV or perhaps one of our favourite movies.


Disclaimer: This is my second post in my Dr Oetker pizza blogger series.

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